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Surface Protection


Recently, we have expanded our facilities extensively to improve efficiency and productivity. IPIC is now ready for applying sand-blasting, wrapping and painting.

IPIC offers a complete and diverse list of corrosion protection services and it has a state of the art mobile facility for internal abrasive pipe blasting and internal pipe painting. The same is used for pipe surface and steel structure.

These services can conform to various standards including, but not limited to: NACE, SSPC, ISO, ASTM.

The in-house sand blasting and painting with a several type of protection material using our own resources not only securing our commitment but also give us a completion advantage to cover our clients’ needs.

As a reliable long-term partner, IPIC offers the most modern and effective testing solutions which are continuously being developed and maintained to help you to keep pace with the increasingly complex requirements of your systems.

Whether it is industrial corrosion protection, coating techniques or painting process – IPIC has professional experts and suitable facility to apply the most diverse processes in the area of surface technology. We ensure your pipes have long-lasting protection – reliably, safely and cost effectively.

Quality for Surface Protection

One of the most critical areas in the Surface protection and involves testing the quality of the surface applications. A range of tests is needed to verify the coating formulation’s strength and wear resistance, and also allow engineers to develop viable solutions to produce tougher and more effective coatings in the pipe line industry, steel structure industry and more.

Three steps for durable coating:

  1. Analysis of media and environment where the steel structure or pipe or other is placed

  2. Specification of appropriate coating system, including quality of surface preparation and selection of suitable coating process to suit specific project demands

  3. Execution of coating application by trained and skilled staff under supervision of experienced coating inspectors for stringent QA/QC