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Pipe Accessories


The process of steel fabrication in IPIC involves grinding, welding, cutting, bending, drilling, punching, burning or melting and other general crafting methods using various high-quality tools and CNC equipment.

The entire steel fabrication process is systematic and requires utmost planning, precision, and knowledge. Steel fabricators are well aware of all the crucial steps and measures that need to be considered in the fabrication process. Structural steel is usually fabricated to create structures like beams, trusses, hollow sections, angles and plates. These steel members must be accurately fabricated before assembling them together. All component parts of these members are fitted-up temporarily with rivets, bolts, or small amounts of welds.

Mitered Fittings

IPIC is specialized in fabrication and assembly of Mitered fittings (Elbows, Tees and Reducers) according to AWWA C208 which are made from miter cut pieces of pipe.

Tests which available to be performed on the mitered fittings include X-Ray, Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic Particle and other Non-Destructive Examinations, as well as Charpies, Yield and Tensile and Chemistry analyses are available as well.

IPIC Mitered Fittings’ Fabrication Division can meet the needs of most Waterworks Projects & often supports the low pressure needs of other Major Fabrication Shops specializing in Heavy Power.


Process Modules

(IPIC) delivers full-service fabrication, assembly and installation advantages to projects in EGYPT.

IPIC understands Clients’ ongoing challenges of securing labor and mobilizing resources to remote locales, while meeting investment requirements. IPIC can help shift construction work off-site to more productive, cost effective work environments where an abundance of quality labor can deliver products consistently and safely.


Modular creation is an approach that can subdivide a system into different components, and/or create off-site stand-alone solutions, which can be easily transported and re-located where necessary.

Modular solutions are used to limit on-site work and reduce costs, both of which IPIC has an ambitious plan to be achieved impeccably well throughout its manufacture of each of its modules.IPIC ensures the modules are manufactured within a controlled environment where project time, quality, safety and all related challenges are manageable.

We also ensure all work carried out is accompanied with full documentation and traceability.

IPIC comprehensive work includes:


  • Structural Steel and On-site Steel Fabrication.
  • On-site 110,000 sq. ft. / 30,000 MT per year.
  • Piping with all type of material.
  • Expansion Loops, Cantilever, Pipe way.
  • Optimize weld locations / orientations.
  • Integrated Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS), expediting, logistics.
  • Equipment Modules.
  • Pump Modules.
  • Valve Station.
  • Stair Modules.

Assembly & Installation

  • Electrical & Instrumentation (Buildings, MCC’s, switchgear, remote / in-line instruments, cabinets with I/O, UPS,VFDs, Trays, JBs, RTDs, cables, connectors, lighting, HVAC etc.)
  • Fire Proofing
  • Mechanical
  • Hydro-testing
  • Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) / Glycol Heat Tracing (GHT)
  • Insulation
  • Skids
  • Cladding
  • Heat Management
  • Non-Destruction Testing (NDT)
  • Painting
  • Digital control system (DCS) Support and Testing
  • Steel Erection
  • Mechanical / Rotating
  • Shipping Steel
  • Spool Installation
  • Scaffolding
  • Stair Modules
  • Heavy Haul Coordination
  • Rigging
  • Coordination of Overseas Fabrication

IPIC Modular Fabrication offers comprehensive fabrication and module assembly solutions

  • Supreme Modular Fabrication Inc. (IPIC) is anEgyptian-based corporate entity offering fabrication and modular construction solutions to Clients in the energy, chemical, power& mining industries.

  • IPIC owns, operates, and delivers a full range of unique module assembly and fabrication services to the Egyptian market place and export from its fully equipped module yard located on the Port Said High-Road. The fabrication yard is easily accessible to the international Coastal High-Road.
    Also excellent transportation capacity to the international ports in Damietta and Port Said. 

  • IPIC takes on every project with a sustainable mindset, helping our Clients improve energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and build more environmentally friendly facilities. IPIC actively engages the local community of geographical committee as well as the surrounding communities.

  • IPIC is committed to health, security, safety, and environmental (HSSE) excellence. IPIC has a company-wide HSSE culture and continuously strives to improve HSSE performance.

  • IPIC is a managed open site, allowing the company the ability to draw on all available labor pools.

More on IPIC’s Fabrication yard, Location and Leadership:

  • IPIC has full-service fabrication, assembly and installation capabilities to support Client projects in Egypt & Africa.


  • Fabrication yard is located near Port Said city, easily accessible to the international Coastal High-Road and both Port Said and Damietta sea ports.

Fabrication Yard
IPIC Fabrication Yard Facilities and Capabilities

  • IPIC’s yard near port Said city with an annual capacity of 18,000 metric tons.

  • The yard can accommodate over 50 full-size modules at any given time.

  • The yard is easily accessible to the international high road, and positioned to take advantage of an additional, future northern high-road corridor.

  • The fabrication yard offers assembly, pipe fabrication, and steel fabrication capabilities.

  • IPIC’s facility has the physical infrastructure to support 600 full-time craft and supervision, as well as 90 staff and Clients.

  • IPIC leverages industry-leading processes, tools, systems, and technical expertise to optimize constructability and control the cost of Clients’ projects.

  • IPIC delivers confidence of project cost and schedule performance to help ensure an optimal return on the Clients’ investments.