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Human rights are fundamental to protect the inherent dignity of human beings. IPIC is committed to respecting workforce rights by mitigating and minimizing any risk throughout continuous improvement for HSE programs in its operations, products and business
Our HSE program is about continuous improvement in all aspects of safety. We reinforce a participatory approach to promote effective safety leadership and challenge how the industry views Health and Safety. The aim is for all our programs to improve in quality, productivity and our key goal – Zero fatalities or harm to anyone in our workforce or in the general public related to our projects. This means we look beyond just the working site but also at the design and engineering behind a project. It is imperative we design to eliminate risk whilst recognizing human error.



Our IPIC POWER Program defines our goals and actions to build positive relationships in the communities where we have a significant presence, and to be accountable and responsive to the public. We are currently putting into place a new program with aligned plans, procedures, and resources to effectively respond to potential crises and emergency situations, and to protect our workforce, the environment, the public, and our customers. All of our locations have emergency response procedures that address potential emergencies. Each facility participates in the community emergency planning process by sharing any related information with other facilities and stakeholders, providing training for emergency Responders.


Our strong relationship either with our colleagues, shareholders, or society at all is a social license to operate.

Our Code of Business Conduct applies to all employees, directors, and officers. It provides a set of standards and expectations to help IPIC personnel avoid wrongdoing and to promote honest and ethical behaviors while conducting the business. The Code is reviewed annually by all employees and the Board and is available on our website and Intranet.



IPIC uses a comprehensive approach to reduce carbon, beginning with the design stage where material inputs are considered along with logistics, waste management and reduction in unnecessary demolition and temporary construction works. Further, we can have a big impact through changing, or adopting new working methods as well as responsible use of equipment. In addition, the responsible use and disposal of materials also help to reduce our carbon impacts.

IPIC’s Recycle unit is one of most successful initiatives that was started by 2020 in a proactive step to control the waste and maximize the surplus-value